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Leasing A Show Pony

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So, you signed your child up for riding lessons and after years of developing their riding ability, they want to do more. They want to show.

What do you do when your child wants a horse to show? This is a question that haunts many parents as year after year their child finds newer and more creative ways to let them know that a horse of their own, is the only thing they can think about! For many families, especially those that do not live in the country, owning horses can be very expensive. Rest assured, the purchase price is only the beginning. Between feed, hay, shoes, and veterinary care, the cost of horse-keeping can climb to a significant amount each year.

But buying isn't the only option. So kids - don't give up on the dream...and parents - do not despair! I believe we have developed a program here at Black Fox Riding Academy that may even be more satisfying than horse ownership.


For a reasonable monthly fee, parents can lease a show pony for their child to show for a year. This leased pony is available to them at all their lessons, TN POA Club state shows and even POAC national events. As a professional horse trainer and instructor, I match the right pony to each rider and help create a successful foray into the world of showing horses, or in our case - POAs - without many of the headaches and heartaches of horse ownership. 

By leasing, you also gain one of the most important parts of a successful show team - a Coach! All sports have coaches. All participants need coaching to succeed and improve. Horse-showing is no different. It is a serious sport and can be just as challenging to learn, and successfully compete in, as any other sport. 

So, if horses ownership is out of the question right now, ask me about leasing. We have full leases (ride both disciplines - western and english) and half leases (ride only one discipline) available to our students.

For those of you who already own their own horse or show pony, we have developed an Outrider Program that will allow you the opportunity to have the help and services of a Show Coach at all competitions. No child should have to compete without a coach to encourage them and help them continue to learn and improve.

So, come talk to me about an easy way to helping families get into the world of showing. I got this!

Stay calm and show horses! :)

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