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Training Horses

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Fitting & Showing
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Each season, we usually have space for one or two outside horses to join our state or national show program, either showing at halter, in-hand classes, or under saddle. We accept mares, stallions, or geldings, from weanling age and older.

By traveling to shows across the nation throughout the year, we are able to get your horse lots of experience and tons of exposure. We can also act as agents for the sale of your horse.

Showing young horses In-hand, starting a horse's under-saddle career, or finishing a show horse for a youth rider, we offer fair and competitive prices and proven success to help you get your horse professionally trained and in the show pen.

Training fees start as low as $300 a month.

We also have an OUTRIDERS PROGRAM for those who own their own horse, but need a capable and accomplished show coach to help them master the skills needed to be successful in the show pen. 

Please Contact Emily at 423-580-0196                                       for more details!

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